1. White Fused Alumina
    2. White Fused AluminaWhite fused alumina consist of high grade aluminum that is processed through an electric furnace at high temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees centigrade.
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    1. Black Silicon Carbide
    2. Black Silicon CarbideBlack silicon carbide, a kind of granular abrasive material in black color, exhibits good electrical and thermal conductivity, desirable traits in many applicable situations.
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    1. Walnut Sand
    2. Walnut SandWalnut sand produced by our company is refined from walnut shell and its appearance is in compliance with international industrial standards. Silicone free and low in hardness...
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    1. Inox Cut Off Wheel
    2. Inox Cut Off WheelThe inox cut off wheel is produced with grade A white fused alumina, first class resin, and highly resilient fiberglass mesh. It is characterized by its cutting speed, uniform incision...
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    1. Metal Grinding Wheel
    2. Metal Grinding WheelCrafted with advanced technology, the metal grinding wheel consists of various abrasives and resin bonding. Either silicon carbide or a mixture containing both silicon carbide ...
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    1. Grinding Stone
    2. Grinding StoneThe cup shaped grinding stone consists of either black or green silicon carbide as the prime ingredient. By utilizing high grade resin as the resin bonding, we have crafted ...
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