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SANDE Group, specialized in manufacturing abrasive materials and grinding tools, has an impeccable sales and after-sales service system. There are altogether 17 long-term personnel with rich experience in our teams of sales and service, and they are always there and ready to provide you with consummate business support and satisfactory service. We are your perfect grinding solutions provider in China.

Pre-sales Service
1. Customer Reply
We reply to our highly regarded customers according to the way they contact us by calls or e-mails. For instance, customers normally have technical queries about the abrasive materials and grinding tools in the early stage, and we will correspondingly provide professional replies conforming to the actual market situation.
2. Technical Guideline
If you have special customization on our abrasive materials and grinding tools, we will effectively communicate with our technicians and the optimal solution will be offered.
3. Product Recommendation
Hundreds of abrasive products are available in SANDE Group. Also, if you require sample products to test, we are happy to customize them after your confirmation and offer better service. Please let us know any of your feedbacks to our samples, and we will carefully analyze and study the solution and formula according to your opinions and suggestions.
4. Design Formula
To meet your custom made abrasive material demands, we will help to design the formula on the basis of your specific requirements and provide you with sound and practical formula. Sample product can be produced for reference and test. If you are satisfied with the sample test but have suggestion to our product quality, improvement will be correspondingly made.
5. Quotation Calculation
We will calculate the cost and work out reasonable product price based on the amount of your procurement and demand.

Selling Service
1. Date of delivery
Once your order is placed, the lead time is generally 30days. In some special occasions, if the products ordered are customized and in considerable amount, the lead time will be extended to about 45 days. However, partial shipment is allowed if you are eagerly awaited.
2. Order tracking
Professional personnel will be sent to track your order. All the products' procurement, mixing, production, hardening, inspection, packaging, storage, delivery, etc. are in strict technical supervision of our quality inspection department. Therefore, we assure to provide products with high quality.
3. Product testing
We execute product testing on both the abrasive material and grinding wheels. Generally speaking, the testing includes the particle size, bulk density, chemical ingredients, amount of magnetic content of the abrasive material; and the piece weight, thickness, bore diameter, rotation and balance of the grinding wheels. The testing on cutting and grinding can also be undertaken if you require.
4. Packaging
We pack abrasive materials with 25kg plastic woven bag plus pallet/ton bag, and the grinding wheel thermally shrinks in compact box, carton and pallet. Special packaging method is customizable.
5. Transportation
We firstly transfer products to Huangdao Port by land transportation, and then ship them to your specific port by sea transportation.

After-sales Service
1. Warranty
We provide 2 years' warranty for all our products.
2. Compensation for damage
If damage arises from transportation, please provide the evidence pictures and the amount of the damaged products for us to check. If the damage is caused by the shipping company, we will firstly claim compensation from them and then supplement the due products in next delivery according to your feedback.
3. Feedback collection
Feedbacks on the working condition of our abrasive products will be regularly collected and reported to our technical department for study. If your suggestion is currently practical, we can make on-time improvement, otherwise, we will make effort to realize your foresight in the future.
4. Problem Solving
If there is any problem arising during the use of our abrasive products, please provide problems with detailed description on that circumstance. Our technical department will analyze the root cause and work out effective solutions. If the problem is found resulted from our product quality, we will take full responsibility; if the problems is caused by customer's improper use, we will offer you clear illustration on the reason and solution to keep proper use in the future.

Main Products
    1. White Fused AluminaWhite fused alumina consist of high grade aluminum that is processed through an electric furnace at high temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees centigrade. The resulting product retains superb purity and is extremely resilient to deformation as well as acids and alkalis. In contrast with brown fused alumina, the white version possesses higher levels of hardness but lower tenacity. Apart from being used for the grinding...
    1. Metal Cut Off WheelThe metal cut off wheel produced with first quality brown fused alumina, high integrity fiberglass mesh, and resin. Characterized by its hardness and long life, the wheel possesses superior balance, enabling precision cutting. A proven heat conductor, our product is extremely sharp and can execute cutting operations without charring the source material...