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Customer Cases

Along with the rapid development and capital accumulation, SANDE Group has exported abrasive materials to customers in more than 30 countries and regions all over the world, covering Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South America, etc. Additionally, we also take responsibility for problems arising during the products supply. Our elite team is eligible to have quick analysis, find inducement and breakthrough, and then offer sound and practical solutions.

Case No.1
A purchasing agent from Ukraine was interested in our grinding wheel products in China Import and Export Fair held in Guangzhou in 2013. After mutual communication and our permission, he took our sample back to their country to have a test. Being very satisfied with our product quality, he came to visit us and placed orders immediately after an inspection on our company accompanied by our president and sales manager.

Case No.2
A representative of a foreign trade company from Pakistan came to visit our company in 2013. Our product quality impressed him after his detection. He ordered a container of our abrasive products and expressed request for more orders and wider range of cooperation with us after receiving our goods.

Case No.3
A company of grinding wheel industry from Canada had a good overall impression on our company and were interested in our abrasive products after visit in 2012. Being asked to post product sample to them from China to Canada, we effectively and efficiently accomplished the sample's production and postal service in accordance with their requirement. They were very content with our products after inspection and placed orders without hesitation. Consequently, we have been in a good long-term business cooperation since then.

Case No.4
In 2011, a foreign trade company from Saudi Arabia was interested in our grinding wheel products and asked us to customize abrasive products. They finally confirmed our products after several times of sample test. From then on, they have been regularly ordering 1-2 container(s) of our grinding wheel products each month. Correspondingly, we have been producing those high quality abrasive products throughout these 3 years.

Case No.5
A South Korean shipyard, having a large number of procurement requirement, got to know our company via friends in 2011. They highly recognized our product quality and have been steadily increasing their orders. Technical team will be organized to discuss and figure out solutions to suggestions raised by our customers. We visit each other's company frequently and our products are found very popular in the South Korean market.

Main Products
    1. Black Silicon CarbideBlack silicon carbide exhibits good electrical and thermal conductivity, desirable traits in many applicable situations. It is borne from the combination of quartz sand and petroleum coke, processed via a high temperature resistance furnace. The resulting hardness is rated higher than fused alumina but lower than synthetic diamond. Brittle and sharp, this substance is capable of mechanical intensity superior to that of the fused alumina. It is commonly used for the ...
    1. Green Silicon CarbideOur green silicon carbide strictly adheres to FEPA specifications for bonded F8- F2000 and coated P12-P2500. A product of high purity materials and salt additives, the carbide is forged through a resistance furnace at an approximate temperature of 2200℃. The resulting product is a semi-conductor with excellent thermal conductivity. Appearing as a dark green translucent hexagonal crystal, this substance possesses a greater hardness than black silicon carbide, due to ...