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Jinan Sande (Group) Grinding Materials Co., Ltd.

Address: ZheShan Office, MingShui Town, Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province, China.
Tel.: +86-531-83261591

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Main Products
    1. Brown Fused AluminaBrown fused alumina is produced from high quality bauxite. This process is conducted via the 3500 KVA electric arc furnace at a temperature higher than 2200℃. The process of products :bauxite broken into crushing machine ---elevator -- roll crusher mill-- sizing ---magnetic separator ---fine sieve ---water washing (acid washing )---package (25kg/pp bag or paper bag ,40 bags / ton bag or pallet ). Our brown fused alumina covers two production lines. The F type is mainly used for producing resin cutting /grinding wheels and sand blasting. The P type is designed for coating abrasives...
    1. Metal Cut Off WheelThe metal cut off wheel produced with first quality brown fused alumina, high integrity fiberglass mesh, and resin. Characterized by its hardness and long life, the wheel possesses superior balance, enabling precision cutting. A proven heat conductor, our product is extremely sharp and can execute cutting operations without charring the source material. Max linear velocity approaches 80m/s with 2 exterior nets, or 72m/s with 1 interior net. Customizable diameters range between 100mm to 405mm while thickness specifications range between....