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SANDE had been certified by numerous organizations and standards in the past, most notably MPA and ISO9001:2000. Both our products and our production procedures are designed to be environmental friendly.

SANDE is a professional abrasive material, cut off wheel, and grinding wheel manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, metal cut off wheel, stone offset grinding wheel, and more.

Main Products
    1. Black Silicon CarbideBlack silicon carbide exhibits good electrical and thermal conductivity, desirable traits in many applicable situations. It is borne from the combination of quartz sand and petroleum coke, processed via a high temperature resistance furnace. The resulting hardness is rated higher than fused alumina but lower than synthetic diamond. Brittle and sharp, this substance is capable of mechanical intensity superior to that of the fused alumina. It is commonly used for the ...
    1. Green Silicon CarbideOur green silicon carbide strictly adheres to FEPA specifications for bonded F8- F2000 and coated P12-P2500. A product of high purity materials and salt additives, the carbide is forged through a resistance furnace at an approximate temperature of 2200℃. The resulting product is a semi-conductor with excellent thermal conductivity. Appearing as a dark green translucent hexagonal crystal, this substance possesses a greater hardness than black silicon carbide, due to ...