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Metal Grinding Wheel

Crafted with advanced technology, the metal grinding wheel consists of various abrasives and resin bonding. Either silicon carbide or a mixture containing both silicon carbide and brown fused alumina is used as the abrasive. This product features high elasticity and excellent polishing performance. It can rapidly polish and grind rough surfaces into a bright finish. No charring occurs due to good heat dissipation. The metal grinding wheel has high hardness, long service life, and fast cutting speed.The metal grinding series has higher hardness, longer service life, and faster cutting speed. It is utilized to grind common metal, construction metal, casting iron, electric welding material, and others similar materials. When applied to dedicated high-speed machines with pneumatic tools, the grinding wheel exhibits higher working efficiency.

Our metal grinding wheels implement the A24SBF format and are available in seven different presets. Maximum and minimum presets are 230×6×22mm and 100×6×16mm respectively. Smaller sizes are able to operate at higher RPM.

Metric System Inch System Shape Specification M/S RPM PCS/CTN
100X6X16 4x1/4X5/8 100822 A24SBF 80 15300 200
115X6X22 4-1/2x1/4X7/8 115822 A24SBF 80 13300 100
125X6X22 5x1/4x7/8 125822 A24SBF 80 12200 100
150X6X22 6x1/4x7/8 150822 A24SBF 80 10200 50
180X6X22 7x1/4X7/8 180721 A24SBF 80 8600 50
200X6X22 8x1/4x7/8 200822 A24SBF 80 7400 50
230X6x22 9x1/4X7/8 230822 A24SBF 80 6600 25
Remark: Special requirements can be satisfied through discussion.

SANDE is a specialized metal grinding wheel manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides stone offset grinding wheel, inox cut off wheel, green silicon carbide powder, and brown fused alumina, among others.

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