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Stainless Steel Grinding Wheel

The stainless steel grinding wheel is produced with advanced Japanese technology. It consists of unique bonding agents and abrasives such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, or a mixture containing both aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. The wheel consisting of white aluminum oxide is utilized for cutting and grinding other stainless steel materials such as stainless steel pipes. The aluminum oxide/silicon carbide version is ideal for grinding iron, steel tool, mild steel, alloy steel, spring steel, non-ferrous metal, etc. The silicon carbide wheel is used to grind materials such as marble, granite, and glass.

General Information
Abrasive White aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide mixed silicon carbide, silicon carbide
Bonding Agent Resin Reinforced Net Three nets
Grit 80#,120#, 60#, 46# Material White alumina oxide WA120# QBF-80m/s
Metric System Inch System Shape Specification M/S RPM PCS/CTN
100X6X16 4x1/4X5/8 100822 WA24SBF 80 15300 200
115X6X22 4-1/2x1/4X7/8 115822 WA24SBF 80 13300 100
125X6X22 5x1/4x7/8 125822 WA24SBF 80 12200 100
150X6X22 6x1/4x7/8 150822 WA24SBF 80 10200 50
180X6X22 7x1/4X7/8 180721 WA24SBF 80 860 50
200X6X22 8x1/4x7/8 200822 WA24SBF 80 7400 50
230X6x22 9x1/4X7/8 230822 WA24SBF 80 6600 25

Engineered for medium hardness and excellent elasticity, the grinding wheel has a long service life and can efficiently polish source materials. Our product generates low heat. It can instantly grind edges, welds, and surface without charring surrounding areas. Manufactured in full compliance with EN12413 standards, it is guaranteed to operate safely during high RPM action.

SANDE offers 7 different selections for the stainless steel grinding wheel. Our largest model has the dimension of 230×6×22mm. To extrapolate, the outside diameter measures 230mm, the inside diameter measures 22mm, and the thickness is 6mm. This specific wheel model ships in 25 piece cartons.

As a major stainless steel grinding wheel manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer metal grinding wheel, stone offset grinding wheel, green silicon carbide, metal cut off wheel, and much more.

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