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    1. Inox Cut Off WheelThe inox cut off wheel is produced with grade A white fused alumina, first class resin, and highly resilient fiberglass mesh. It is characterized by its cutting speed, uniform incision, and high accuracy. Capable of high intensity and self sharpening, this particular wheel is designed for the prolonged and continuous cutting of stainless steel sheets, tubes, and other similar items. Source materials processed by our product ...
    1. Metal Cut Off WheelThe metal cut off wheel produced with first quality brown fused alumina, high integrity fiberglass mesh, and resin. Characterized by its hardness and long life, the wheel possesses superior balance, enabling precision cutting. A proven heat conductor, our product is extremely sharp and can execute cutting operations without charring the source material. Max linear velocity approaches 80m/s with 2 exterior nets, or 72m/s with ...
    1. Stone Cut Off WheelThe stone cut off wheel is produced with silicon carbide and resin powder, resin liquid , and fiber glass. It can be used for cutting granite, concrete, and other similar materials. Engineered for medium hardness and high tenacity, these wheels can maintain prolonged cutting operations at high efficiencies. With a scientific design and homogenous texture, our wheel is capable of precision slicing while maintaining ...

SANDE cut off wheel products are meticulously crafted via the compression and hardening of select abrasives and bonding agents. Through high RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) action, metals and other source materials can be thoroughly buffed and grinded for an exceptional finish. Grind settings include coarse, medium, and fine. Other practical applications for our products may include refinement functions such as slotting and cutting operations. Based on intended usage, these products can be further categorized as the stainless steel cut off wheel, metal cut off wheel, and stone cut off wheel.

Item No. T 41 series stone cutting wheel; T42 abrasive stone cutting wheel/stone abrasive disc.
Similar Name Grinding wheel, grinding disc, resin bond grinding wheel, stone cutting wheel/disc.
Diameter 100/115/125/150/180/230mm
Thickness 4-8mm
Center Hole 22mm
Packaging 10-20pcs in blister heat sealing packing, then in color box, carton box.
Material Silicon carbide
Delivery Based on your requirement

Composed of white fused alumina, brown fused alumina, silicon carbide, high-fiber mesh, resin powder, and high quality resin solution, our wheels offer excellent solutions for all your cutting needs. Diameters vary between 100mm and 405mm while thickness specifications are available in the 1.0mm to 4.0mm range. In full compliance with EN12413 standards, our cut off wheels are highly versatile and may be installed on various machining equipment in order to facilitate unique cutting operations. Matching the correct wheel with your intended working material is imperative. During installation, clients should double check to make sure that the wheel center is aligned properly with the rotation shaft. Caution should be exercised when the wheel is in operation, keep a reasonable distance from the machine and wear protective gear.

Our company is a specialized cut off wheel manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We provide a broad range of products, including inox cut off wheel, white fused alumina, grinding stone, stainless steel grinding wheel, and much more.

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    1. Stainless Steel Grinding WheelThe stainless steel grinding wheel is produced with advanced Japanese technology. It consists of unique bonding agents and abrasives such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, or a mixture containing both aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. The wheel consisting of white aluminum oxide is used for cutting and grinding other stainless steel materials such as stainless steel pipes. The aluminum oxide/silicon ...
    1. Metal Grinding WheelCrafted with advanced technology, the metal grinding wheel consists of various abrasives and resin bonding. Either silicon carbide or a mixture containing both silicon carbide and brown fused alumina is used as the abrasive. This product features high elasticity and excellent polishing performance. It can rapidly polish and grind rough surfaces into a bright finish. No charring occurs due to good heat dissipation...