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Inox Cut Off Wheel

The inox cut off wheel is produced with grade A white fused alumina, first class resin, and highly resilient fiberglass mesh. It is characterized by its cutting speed, uniform incision, and high accuracy. Capable of high intensity and self sharpening, this particular wheel is designed for the prolonged and continuous cutting of stainless steel sheets, tubes, and other similar items. Source materials processed by our product retain a low thermal signature. The cut off wheel is manufactured with strict adherence to EN12413 standards and is available in your choice of dimensions. Valid diameters range between 100mm to 405mm while thickness specifications range between 1.0mm to 4.0mm.

Dimension (MM) Max. Speed-R.P.M 4300m/min Max. Speed-R.P.M 4800m/min Kg/ctn Pcs/ctn
100x1.0x16 13270 15300 17 800
115x1.2x22.2 11900 13300 12 400
125x1.2x22.2 11000 12200 13 400
150x1.2x22.2 9100 10200 18 400
180x1.6 x22.2 7600 8500 20 200

SANDE is a professional inox cut off wheel manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including metal cut off wheel, stone offset grinding wheel, brown fused alumina, green silicon carbide powder, and more.

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