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Walnut Sand

Walnut sand produced by our company is refined from walnut shell and its appearance is in compliance with international industrial standards. Silicone free and low in hardness, it can be utilized for the cleansing of metal, alloy, electronic rubber element, as well as gasoline and diesel engines without visible surface damage. The abrasive can also be used to polish and lap glass, watch, gold and silver jewelry, etc. When supplied with carborundum, our product can achieve a stunning gloss finish. Infused with natural fibers of up to 90.4%, the walnut sand retains 8.7% moisture and 0.4% grease.

Item Walnut Sand
specific gravity 1.28%
Hardness 2.5-3.0 mohs
Fiber 90.40%
Grease 0.40%
Moisture 8.70%

We are a professional walnut sand manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a variety of products, including green silicon carbide, stone cut off wheel, grinding stone, and metal grinding wheel, among others.

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