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Green Silicon Carbide Powder

Green silicon carbide powder is commonly utilized for heavy duty grinding, polishing, and lapping procedures. A product of petroleum coke, quartz sand, and other materials, it is manufactured in essentially the same fashion as the black silicon carbide. While the procedures is similar, this abrasive has proven itself to be of higher purity and retains a greater hardness when compared to the black silicon carbide.

Chemical Composition (%)
Grit Size SiC F.C. Fe2O3
220#~240# ≥97.50 <0.25 ≤0.70
F280~F360 ≥97.50 <0.30 ≤0.70
F400~F600 ≥95.50 <0.30 ≤0.70
F800~F1200 ≥94.00 <0.50 ≤0.70

The green silicon carbide powder is ideal for the purpose of cutting monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon as well as GaAs and quartz. It is also used for by semiconductor and solar energy photovoltaic industries for various practical applications.

The abrasive includes variations such as the #220 to # 240 series (68.2 to 62.5μm), F280 to F360 series (46 to 60μm), F400 to F600 series (30 to 39μm), and F800 to F1200 series (20 to 26μm). More detailed specifications regarding these products are available upon request. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries.

As an experienced green silicon carbide powder manufacturer and supplier in China, SANDE also provides brown fused alumina, stainless steel grinding wheel, metal cut off wheel, stone offset grinding wheel, and more.

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